Israel Tekle is the Data Manager for CHSS. She supports all the directors and coaches as well as all the schools in all Data-related aspects for CHSS.  

After working in the private sector for more than 10 years and feeling unfulfilled, she was inspired by CHSS mission and made the change to work for CHSS where amazing work is done that positively affects the lives of many kids across the country. 

Israel got her bachelor’s from Indiana University. She believes in the power of education and technology and recognizes the transformative powers they have in creating a bridge to address and diminish systemic inequalities in education. With her expertise in data systems and languages, she develops data management principles, governance, and data quality. Creating database systems to automate data consumption and optimizing business operations. By implementing methodologies to navigate complex data landscapes, she helps directors and coaches make data-driven decisions with strong insights to keep 9th graders On-Track.  

Israel lives in Los Angeles where she loves to explore the outdoors while soaking up the abundant sunshine.  

In 9th grade Israel enrolled in an art class that ignited her interest in drawing and photography. This newfound interest led to her receiving an award for a black and white photograph in the art competition.