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Assess district data system capacity to ensure that it can provide real-time 9th Grade On Track (9GOT), Key Performance Indicators ((KPI) -- attendance, behavior, grade, and GPA data -- to Teams and Team Leads (TL) on a consistent basis. This data should be disaggregated by key demographics, access to services, and broken down to examine course level performance by section and teacher.

Develop and Sustain the relationship between the district level and school data persons to help them design and ensure access to data systems that are responsive to the end-user.

Develop the capacity of school-level data champion (DC) to present data to the team in an actionable format and to embed a culture of data-informed decision making the school level.
Develop a data calendar that clearly articulates what data will be looked at, why the data was chosen, when the data will be looked at, what will be looked for in that data, and how the team will respond.


Schools and district formatively assess the administrator, team lead, team, and data champions' data literacy through the use of data protocols.

Provide professional development that builds the data literacy capacity of the administrator, team lead, team, and data champion on the different types of data (quantitative and qualitative) and their uses.
Ensure the data literacy of the administrator, team lead, team, and data champion about the On-Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their predictive power, and the importance of using qualitative data like surveys and empathy interviews. By building skills in the use of different kinds of data, teams will be able to understand system and student level growth.