Freshman Success Network

Freshman Success in Action

• POWERPOINT: The Freshman Success Network Presentation
• VIDEO: A data-driven approach to raising graduation rates
• OVERVIEW: University of Chicago's Freshman On-Track Research
• PRE-READING: A Capacity-Building Model for School Improvement

Measure 98 Requirements & Resources

Measure 98 Data Requirements

• VIDEO: Data Use with Measure 98

Measure 98 Equity Requirements

• VIDEO: Equity Overview

Oregon Department of Education’s Measure 98 site

• Visit ODE's Measure 98 website

Career & Technical Education

CTE guidance webinar

View a learning module from the Oregon Department of Education about the importance of CTE. • CTE High School Graduation Guidance (YouTube)
• CTE Guidance Webinar PowerPoint (PDF)

CTE’s impact on graduation rates in Oregon

Review data demonstrating how CTE courses lead to a 14-percentage point improvement in graduation rates in Oregon. • Secondary CTE Report Card 2015 (PDF)

See CTE in action: Career and Technical Education Center

Watch an in-depth video on the impact of the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) in Salem, Oregon. • Career Technical Education Center Promo (YouTube)
• CTEC Salem Keizer Website

Connecting the dots: CTE and good paying jobs

Watch a video on how CTE is connecting high school kids with good paying jobs in the Salem community. • CTEC Salem Keizer's Career Technical Education Center (YouTube)
• CTEC Salem Keizer Website

College Readiness

College-level educational opportunities in action

Visit Eastern Promise’s website for information on how the program offers college credit to high school students in eastern Oregon. • Eastern Promise website

College credit webinar

View a presentation from the Oregon Department of Education on how students in Oregon can earn college credit while in high school. • College Level Webinar (YouTube)
• College Credit Guidance Webinar PowerPoint (PDF)

Dropout Prevention

Freshman Success Implementation Planner

• Implementation Planner

Sample educator team meeting agenda

View the Network for College Success template for a successful educator team meeting. • Template for teacher team meeting (PDF)

Helping students stay on-track

View the Network for College Success’s Freshman Success Inventory – a tool to help keep students on-track. • Freshman Success Inventory (PDF)

Planning for Tier 2 interventions

View a planning document from the Network for College Success for yellow zone (tier 2) interventions. • Yellow Zone Interventions Planning (PDF)

Behavior, attendance and grades (BAG) report

View a report developed by the Network for College Success to help educators track their students’ success with behavior, attendance and grades. • BAG report (PDF)

Explaining “on-track” to your students

View a poster from the Network for College Success explaining what it means to be “on-track” freshman year. • "On-Track" Poster (PDF)

Freshman “on-track” self-assessment tool

View a self-evaluation tool for the administrator, teacher team lead and teacher team to reflect where they are in terms of implementing the various elements that are crucial to effective Freshman On-Track teaming. • Freshman Success Inventory (PDF)

Dropout prevention webinar

Watch the Oregon Department of Education’s webinar on dropout prevention. • Dropout Prevention

A practitioner’s guide to early warning systems

Review the Institute of Education Sciences’ guide to implementing early warning systems. • Practitioner's guide to implementing early warning systems - Dept. of Education (PDF)

Network for College Success (NCS)

Get to know the policy experts who pioneered the 9th Grade on Track program in Chicago. • NCS's National Freshman Success Institute Overview (PDF)
• NCS's Research to Practice to Results

Education in Oregon

Graduation trends in Oregon (Small & Medium-sized towns)

Explore recent research on graduation rates in Oregon. • Rural Graduation Brief (PDF)

On-time graduation rates in Oregon

View a recent research brief on improving on-time graduation rates in Oregon. • ODE Graduation Brief January 2017 (PDF)
• ODE Graduation Brief January 2016 (PDF)

Oregon’s Chronic Absenteeism Statewide Plan

Download the Oregon Department of Education’s statewide plan for addressing chronic absenteeism. • 2016 December Chronic Absenteeism Report (PDF)