Ninth Grade Success Network

Ninth Grade Success in Action

• POWERPOINT: The Ninth Grade Success Network Presentation
• VIDEO: A data-driven approach to raising graduation rates
• OVERVIEW: University of Chicago's Freshman On-Track Research
• PRE-READING: A Capacity-Building Model for School Improvement

Measure 98 Requirements & Resources

Measure 98 Data Requirements

• VIDEO: Data Use with Measure 98

Measure 98 Equity Requirements

• VIDEO: Equity Overview

Oregon Department of Education’s Measure 98 site

• Visit ODE's Measure 98 website

Career & Technical Education

CTE guidance webinar

View a learning module from the Oregon Department of Education about the importance of CTE. • CTE High School Graduation Guidance (YouTube)
• CTE Guidance Webinar PowerPoint (PDF)

CTE’s impact on graduation rates in Oregon

Review data demonstrating how CTE courses lead to a 14-percentage point improvement in graduation rates in Oregon. • Secondary CTE Report Card 2015 (PDF)

See CTE in action: Career and Technical Education Center

Watch an in-depth video on the impact of the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) in Salem, Oregon. • Career Technical Education Center Promo (YouTube)
• CTEC Salem Keizer Website

Connecting the dots: CTE and good paying jobs

Watch a video on how CTE is connecting high school kids with good paying jobs in the Salem community. • CTEC Salem Keizer's Career Technical Education Center (YouTube)
• CTEC Salem Keizer Website

College Readiness

College-level educational opportunities in action

Visit Eastern Promise’s website for information on how the program offers college credit to high school students in eastern Oregon. • Eastern Promise website

College credit webinar

View a presentation from the Oregon Department of Education on how students in Oregon can earn college credit while in high school. • College Level Webinar (YouTube)
• College Credit Guidance Webinar PowerPoint (PDF)

Dropout Prevention

Ninth Grade Success Implementation Planner

• Implementation Planner

Sample educator team meeting agenda

View the Network for College Success template for a successful educator team meeting. • Template for teacher team meeting (PDF)

Helping students stay on-track

View the Network for College Success’s Freshman Success Inventory – a tool to help keep students on-track. • Ninth Grade Success Inventory (PDF)

Planning for Tier 2 interventions

View a planning document from the Network for College Success for yellow zone (tier 2) interventions. • Yellow Zone Interventions Planning (PDF)

Behavior, attendance and grades (BAG) report

View a report developed by the Network for College Success to help educators track their students’ success with behavior, attendance and grades. • BAG report (PDF)

Explaining “on-track” to your students

View a poster from the Network for College Success explaining what it means to be “on-track” during ninth grade. • "On-Track" Poster (PDF)

Ninth grade “on-track” self-assessment tool

View a self-evaluation tool for the administrator, teacher team lead and teacher team to reflect where they are in terms of implementing the various elements that are crucial to effective Ninth Grade On-Track teaming. • Ninth Grade Success Inventory (PDF)

Dropout prevention webinar

Watch the Oregon Department of Education’s webinar on dropout prevention. • Dropout Prevention

A practitioner’s guide to early warning systems

Review the Institute of Education Sciences’ guide to implementing early warning systems. • Practitioner's guide to implementing early warning systems - Dept. of Education (PDF)

Network for College Success (NCS)

Get to know the policy experts who pioneered the 9th Grade on Track program in Chicago. • NCS's National Ninth Grade Success Institute Overview (PDF)
• NCS's Research to Practice to Results

Education in Oregon

Graduation trends in Oregon (Small & Medium-sized towns)

Explore recent research on graduation rates in Oregon. • Rural Graduation Brief (PDF)

On-time graduation rates in Oregon

View a recent research brief on improving on-time graduation rates in Oregon. • ODE Graduation Brief January 2017 (PDF)
• ODE Graduation Brief January 2016 (PDF)

Oregon’s Chronic Absenteeism Statewide Plan

Download the Oregon Department of Education’s statewide plan for addressing chronic absenteeism. • 2016 December Chronic Absenteeism Report (PDF)