College-level educational opportunities

Right now, most Oregon high school graduates who go on to college do not earn a degree or certificate on time. Almost three out of every four recent graduates who enroll in community college need one or more remedial – or “catch-up” – course before they can earn college credit. The challenge for our students who choose to pursue education after high school isn’t just getting to college – it’s succeeding once they enroll.

College-level education opportunities like college prep courses, AP classes and dual-credit programs can help students with both challenges. Not only do these courses give students the skills, confidence and motivation to excel in higher education, but evidence increasingly shows that exposure to college-level content improves graduation rates for economically-disadvantaged students. The fact that students can reduce their tuition expenses, lower their borrowing costs and improve the likelihood of earning a degree or certificate all from college prep courses makes this a crucial investment for every high school to make.