Learn About Measure 98

Measure 98 was a grassroots effort to fix problems that have plagued our state for years.

Too many of our students aren’t graduating, and those who do are unprepared for college or a career after high school. The goal behind Measure 98 was to provide funding in addition to the state school fund for targeted investments known to improve graduation rates and boost career and college readiness.

After a yearlong campaign to get Measure 98 on the ballot and build support among the public, Measure 98 passed by a 2-to-1 margin of Oregon’s voters, and was approved in every single state legislative district. Despite the overwhelming mandate for lawmakers to act, it still took another eight months to secure funding in Salem to enact Measure 98. When money was finally allocated, it was significantly less that voters had called for.

The Measure 98 funds that are available to schools across our state are enough for a down payment on the CTE classes, college-level educational opportunities and dropout prevention strategies that were approved by voters. But to truly ensure our kids succeed in the classroom, graduate on time, and enter college or a career well-prepared for the next phase of their lives, lawmakers must make sure to fulfill the intent of Oregon voters by properly funding these vital investments for our students.