Summer 2018 Collaboratives

Get ready for a summer of powerful learning!

The Oregon Center for High School Success is launching a cost-free Freshman Success Network here in Oregon, and you’re invited to join! 

Drawing on a partnership with the University of Chicago’s Network for College Success – leading experts on Freshman Success programs – CHSS is bringing thought leaders and policies here to Oregon to ensure our 9th graders are on track to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

At regional collaborative meetings across the state this summer, participants will: 
  • Hear directly from the University of Chicago policy experts who pioneered Freshman Success research and programs;
  • Learn peer-to-peer from educators who are already making Freshman Success a reality for their students;
  • Join a network of teachers, administrators and education advocates dedicated to seeing your Freshman Success efforts flourish, and help spread best practices across our state.

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn how best to organize and grow our 9th grade support systems and programs. I am looking forward to using what we learned to create a strong foundation on which to build success for our kids.” – BJ Blake, Director Secondary Education, Eugene School District 4J (Chicago training participant)

Now is your chance to join the conversation right here in Oregon at no cost to your school or district.  Indicate your interest in the form below and a CHSS staffer will be in contact with you soon. Collaborative teams should include four educators; a principal, a freshman teacher leader, a counselor, and an educator with data experience (proficient in Excel). 

Collaboratives FAQ

 What costs will CHSS be covering at the regional collaboratives?

For regional collaborative meetings across Oregon, CHSS covers the cost of training and food. Participants are responsible for their own mileage and parking expenses as well as any necessary sub costs.

 After we participate in a regional training, what happens next?

After the first round of collaborative meetings, CHSS coaches will visit member schools at least two times each month to coordinate efforts and provide direct support. Our coaches will:

  • Support Freshman Success Teams in understanding research and applying data in decision-making;
  • Support school principals and Freshman Success team leaders in building their leadership capacity;
  • Support school principals and Freshman Success team leaders in utilizing NCS tools to create and cultivate a community among team members;
  • Support Freshman Success teams in fostering accountable adult collaboration focused on improving student outcomes.

CHSS will facilitate site visits to Chicago in October for one member of a school’s Freshman Success each team. Following direct visits from CHSS coaches and site visits in Chicago, look forward to more collaborative training meetings in 2019 and beyond.

What costs will CHSS be covering for the Chicago school visits in October 2018?

Due to the large number of schools expressing interest and capacity limits in Chicago, not all members of each school team will be able to participate in these visits. However, our goal is to have representation from each school team participate in these visits.

CHSS/Stand will cover the costs (training, hotel and lodging) of sending one member from each participating school to Chicago to visit Network for College Success partner schools that model effective Freshman Success practices. We recommend that districts and schools cover a second person. We suggest sending your high school principal and one freshman lead teacher.

If we aren’t able to participate in a regional training, how else can we get support?

For direct support with planning, developing, or implementing any policy related to Measure 98, please reach out to our Director, Scott Perry (, our Policy Manager, Parasa Chanramy (, or our CTE Director, Jason Resch (