Freshman Success Network

Welcome to the Freshman Success Network – a cost-free professional network to support educators focused on Freshman Success programs.

Drawing on a partnership between Stand for Children Oregon, the Oregon Center for High School Success, and the University of Chicago’s Network for College Success – the nation’s leading experts on Freshman Success programs – we are bringing the foremost thought leaders and policies here to Oregon to ensure our teachers have the support they need, and our 9th graders are on track to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

During our collaborative meetings, participants:

  • Hear directly from policy experts about the research that led to Freshman Success programs;
  • Learn peer-to-peer from educators who are already making Freshman Success a reality for their students;
  • Join a network of teachers, administrators and education advocates dedicated to seeing your Freshman Success efforts flourish, and help spread best practices across our state.

This is your chance to join the conversation right here in Oregon at no cost to your school or district!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Freshman Success Collaborative Meetings:

September 25th & 26th: Central/Eastern Regional Network (Register here)
October 29th: Portland Metro Regional Network Follow-Up Event (Details here)