Celebrating CTE Successes

February 21, 2018 by

From Jason Resch, CTE director, Stand for Children/CHSS

We are more than halfway into CTE Month, and I have connected with multiple organizations where the success of CTE is in full view. Here are just a few examples of the amazing work going on across the state:

The B.O.L.D Project (Building Opportunities Through Local Design)

Kennedy High School in the Mt. Angel School District in the mid-Willamette Valley is leading by example when it comes to community collaboration and career training opportunities. The district’s goal is that by June of 2022, all students will be on track to graduate and prepared with a plan for life beyond high school.

To achieve that, they’re embedding career-related learning opportunities throughout a student’s K-12 journey, and specifically connecting CTE programs to local high–wage, high-demand occupations. Students at Kennedy can choose from a wide variety of programs of study, including public service, agricultural science, education through the arts, business finance and health occupations.

But what’s truly notable are the dozens of community partnerships that has cultivated among local businesses. Partners range from small businesses like a local heating and air conditioning company, tonationally recognized brands like Pepsi. Students directly benefit from these partnerships through class presentations, industry tours,job shadows and cooperative work experiences.

Measure 98 Helps CTEC Expand in Salem-Keizer

In the Salem-Keizer School District, the Career Technical Education Center is distinguishing itself as a premier location to see CTE at its best in Oregon. The public-private partnership between The Mountain West Career Technical Institute is a 150,000 square foot facility with numerous fields of study, including residential construction, cosmetology, manufacturing, welding and engineering, video and game design animation, auto-body repair and painting, and drone technology/robotics.

Thanks to Measure 98 funding, CTEC has expanded dramatically. Starting this school year, CTEC employs three new CTE positions, two instructional assistants, one English teacher, one science teacher, one graduation mentor, office support, and a half-time Chamber of Commerce position.

With new staff come new CTE offerings, including business development and leadership, law enforcement, agri-science, and culinary arts and management. CTEC’s impressive expansion is rivaled only by their even more impressive graduation rate of 98 percent. That success rate was enough to catch Governor Kate Brown’s attention as she shared CTEC’s story in her recent State of the State address.

Southridge High School Expands CTE Focused on Cutting-Edge Jobs

Measure 98 funding is allowing Southridge High School in the Beaverton School District to expand CTE offerings with an eye toward technical careers that will lead to the cutting-edge jobs of tomorrow. Principal David Nieslanik credits Measure 98 with helping the school purchase brand new 3D printers, and for building exciting new pathways for students to explore, including a Human and Health Performance Pathway.